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ONE 2 ONE is a booklet used to develop relationship and faith with someone else.
This booklet discusses in basic yet fundamental foundations of following Jesus. It is meant to be shared in a one-on-one setting, one chapter at a time. Effective for introducing the unchurched to Christ or establishing believers, it is a tried and tested discipleship tool for the Every Nation movement.

LIFE GROUP is where people share life and truth in groups.
Life Group is gathering where members help one another discover a life with God, a life with others and a life with purpose. Life Group is held weekly or fortnightly for sixty to ninety minutes.

At MY SPIRITUAL FAMILY you will discover WHY we call it spiritual family. WHO we are as a church (our history, our movement, our leaders) and HOW you can be a part of this family.
My Spiritual Family is an event designed to help you understand what it means to be part of Every Nation Church Malaysia. Get to know our pastors, leaders, our calling as a global movement and how you can participate.

THE PURPLE BOOK is a 12-chapter Bible Study Guide designed to help believers know and apply the essential beliefs of Christianity.

VICTORY WEEKEND is a time to establish spiritual foundations, experience freedom and embark on a journey of fruitfulness.
A time set aside to focus and encounter God through His word and the Holy Spirit. Inclusive of workshop sessions, bible teaching, and personal ministry, the weekend is designed to help you establish spiritual foundations, experience freedom, and embark on a journey of fruitfulness.

1. A believer
2. Completed ONE2ONE chapters on Salvation, Lordship and Repentance.
3. Completed Preparing for Victory study guide.
4. Must be 18 years old and above.
5. Encouraged to pray and fast 3 days before Victory Weekend.

WATER BAPTISM is the immersion of oneself in water among witness as a declaration of faith in Jesus.
Water baptism is a public identification with what Jesus did for us on the cross. It is not a means of salvation but an act of faith to affirm that one has put the old life away to begin a new life in Christ.

1. A believer
2. Completed ONE2ONE chapter on Baptism or attended baptism class.

Go. MAKE is a session designed to equip believers to share their faith more effectively.

Go. Build is a session designed to help you build your Life Group with your Life Group leader.

LEADERSHIP 215 is a video series taught by pastors from our Every Nation movement on the bible and fundamental values of Every Nation.