Every Nation
Church Petaling Jaya

We are an innovative and experiential church by creatives for everyone to encounter God,
be His masterpiece and enjoy being His witness.

You are His Masterpiece.

You are not a masterpiece but you are God's Masterpiece.

Has anyone ever told you that? We at Every Nation Petaling Jaya want you to know that you are one.

Our heartbeat is for you to discover His Masterpiece within you by encountering God, and we are here to journey with you. In discovering and displaying your distinctive shine, you can bring the highest honor to your Creator. We also desire to disciple as many as possible to be an artisan because the world needs our artistry.

So, are you ready to embark on this remarkable journey?

Pastors Kelvin & Cathryn Lim

Pastor | Every Nation Church Petaling Jaya


Sunday Encounter

Kids Church

4 PM

4 PM
*except 4th Sunday of the Month



Discipleship Journey

Our discipleship journey is a relational, consistent and transformational walk to help each other follow Christ.

We embrace the necessary chiseling needed to be His Masterpiece and grow to enjoy a lifestyle of being His witness. We believe that walking alongside each other, supporting and learning together, is key in being His disciple.


Unscripted is a coming together of worshippers to bask in God's presence and Word. In that place, there's freedom to express and create for God. It’s meant to be a refuge for creatives to have their spirits awakened and souls nourished.

Life Bar

Life Bar is where we help each other encounter God, be His masterpiece and enjoy being His witness through an authentic community. This can only happen when we enjoy giving and receiving from a refreshed soul and spirit.

As His church we are called to a purpose larger than any one person can take on alone. Life Bar is where we can accomplish this together in small groups.

Prayer Clinic

Prayer clinic is a place for anyone needing to experience God’s move in their lives. It’s birthed from the authority given by Jesus in Matthew 10:1 - to cast out unclean spirits and to heal every disease and affliction. We want to be a contact person for others to encounter God’s power through prayer and His Word.

God hears us when we pray. Sometimes the answer is immediate, sometimes it’s progressive as He changes us.

Make an appointment at this link: https://enpj.life/prayerclinic