From Death To Life

For 27 years, Nelson believed that he'd caused his mother's death and that he'd only live till 30. But when he encountered God, he found freedom from his past and a new hope for the future!

My Sister Changed Our Lives

Around 10 years ago, my sister was very sickly. She was born weak and had asthma, but at age 25, she was still coughing almost every night. Despite seeing a doctor of Chinese Medicine, she did not improve. Later, it was discovered just how serious her illness was, when her boyfriend took her for a checkup.

A Promised Child

In 2012, I got married. I didn’t immediately want a child, until early 2014 when I felt ready to start a family. Unfortunately, I knew it wouldn't be easy. I’ve had polycystic ovary syndrome since I was in college, and because I didn't know what it was, I didn't seek treatment.

From Darkness To Light

When I was born, my father had already struck the first prize in the social welfare lottery. Unfortunately, he lived his life carelessly⁠—womanizing and drinking heavily. Whenever he came home drunk, he acted violently.

He Found Me In My Brokenness

Life is full of challenges, right? Not for me. Not back in 2014. I became a Christian that year and life was smooth sailing. Family was lovely, work was fine, and I even got to pursue my passion for singing (in church). I was really happy.

Finding True Happiness & Joy

When I was small, it was so easy to make me happy. At 8 years old, plastic robots or snacks worth only 100 won were enough to keep me happy all day! At 10, it was computer games—I could even skip meals and sacrifice sleep for the joy they gave me. But then as a teenager, it became harder to be happy.

How God Saved My Boy

May 24th, 2016 started out as another fun day at my kids’ favourite place—the club swimming pool. I asked my maid to watch over my children while I busied myself attending to my guests and their kids. While I was taking a breather, my brother came to inform us that a kid had drowned.

The God Of My ‘Dreams’

As a little girl, I always dreamt of studying fashion and remember getting excited whenever I hear talks or read magazines about it.

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