Discovering God

A safe place to ask dangerous questions about God

The topic of God and religion can be frustrating because some of what you’ve heard doesn’t make sense and if you ask it can get into a heated quarrel fast. But if you've got burning questions like, isn't the big bang evidence against the existence of God? How can you trust the Bible if it’s written by man? And If God exists why didn’t He heal my mother?

At Discovering God you will find:
  • Like minded people on a journey to learn about spiritual things
  • A safe place to ask any question about God
  • Pastor Timothy Loh, known to be warm, funny and intelligent, the perfect guide for Discovering God
If God is real, then this journey will help you discover your destiny. However, if God is not, then Discovering God will help you come to your personal truth and give you a sense of peace. Register now and start Discovering God.

Discovering God is a 1 hour meeting.
A topic will be presented followed by Q & A:

Session 1

God is not far from us

Session 2

God created us for a relationship

Session 3

God fought for His relationship with us

Session 4

God bares His heart, He welcomes us

What Do They Say?

I was going through a tough time but Discovering God helped open my mind and heart to a loving God.

Mieko Neo, Discovering God 2018

Discovering God gave me clarity and conviction about what I believe. I’m more confident about my future.

Abel Saw, Discovering God 2019

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