Privacy Pledge

Every Nation Malaysia values and honors the privacy of its ministry partners by establishing an environment of trust and safety. Confidentiality is important to us, and to maintain a high level of stewardship over personal information, we commit to:

  • Gather only information that is essential to the fulfillment of our mission;
  • Record and retain information only for the private use of Every Nation Malaysia;
  • Protect information by keeping it within Every Nation Malaysia — never selling, renting, or leasing of any kind to any other organization or entity;
  • Safeguard ministry-partner information through proactive managerial oversight of physical and digital data storage;
  • Train all staff members to guard ministry-partner information using accurate and safe record keeping;
  • Require persons or organizations providing services for Every Nation Malaysia to protect the confidentiality of our ministry partners;
  • Honor partner requests for removal from our occasional promotional mail and email communication; and
  • Following general principles and rules of data privacy protection in Malaysia. This policy is in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and its implementing rules and regulations.


While our ultimate accountability is God, we’re committed to maintaining an organization with integrity and transparency. Every Nation Churches & Ministries is accredited by the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and we are a registered member of the National Evangelical Christian Fellowship (NECF). 


Questions About Our Privacy Policy

For questions or clarifications about our Privacy Policy, please email us at