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Our John 10:10 Journey is a consistent, intentional, and practical discipleship walk that helps us to explore with others the areas where our growth may be stunted so we can live a full life as His Masterpiece.

Connect with us today at enpj.life/hereforyou for more information.

Discovering God

Discovering God is an open, safe and conversational discussion platform for everyone to ask burning questions about God. The goal is to bring you on a journey to know and relate to God, as we cover some of life’s biggest questions.


Starting on February 2022

Unscripted is a gathering for everyone to encounter God. It's a fluid time of basking in His Presence, you get to listen to His heart, know His thoughts and draw near to Him. Be wrecked by His love and live an empowered life.


Jesus didn't save us to be Christians but to be His functioning church, which is made up of people who are still being saved, learning about His kingdom businesses to serve His purposes.

It is only when we genuinely believe that Christ is building us together in this spiritual family, then we can find grace to relate authentically.

Life Bar is here to help each other encounter God, be His masterpiece and enjoy being His witness through authentic communities.