A Calling Through Christ

Have you ever experienced being bullied? Have you ever struggled to find your identity? Well, I did.

For the majority of my childhood, I was bullied and ridiculed for how I looked. I was that fat kid with the thickest glasses anyone has ever seen. I also didn’t have any particular talent or set of skills that I could find some confidence in, which led me to suffer low self-confidence—leaving me with a desire to always prove myself. I didn’t know who I was. And until I met Jesus, I didn’t have an identity.

I was born and raised in a Christian family. That being said, my family didn’t have a real relationship with God. It was but a label. My dad didn’t go to church and my mom was a Buddhist. But one day, when I was 15, my mom had a dream that we went to church as a family. At the time, there was a church right across our house. My dad and I went to check it out and I was attracted by their praise and worship. From there, I decided that, that was what I wanted to be good at.

I started learning the guitar and singing soon after. Since then, I knew who I was—I found my purpose and my calling. I was set on a path to be a worshiper. Throughout the years, I’ve been through a lot—I’m the kind of guy who learns things the hard way. God would always allow situations to happen, that made me rely on Him and not on my own strength. But no matter what happened, it always brought me back to my path of being a worshiper.

The best example would be joining Every Nation Church Malaysia. I left my home church afraid that I wouldn’t have the chance to serve what I’ve always been serving, which was the worship ministry. But throughout that transition period, God opened door after door, setting up platforms for me to jump back into ministry. And for that, I’ll be eternally grateful for what He’s doing, and going to do, in my life.

But throughout that transition period, God opened door after door, setting up platforms for me to jump back into ministry

Imagine finding something you're good at, something that gives you a purpose and motivation, something people can recognize you for—something that you can take credit for.

God has a purpose for every one of you as well. I have found mine. Have you found yours? All you have to do is seek Him and His kingdom first, and all will be added to you.

By Aaron Lee
Every Nation Church Malaysia

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