Discovering Joy In The Darkness

I have always felt depressed and anxious, thinking that I'm useless and unable to do anything on my own. As my career and family wasn't doing well, I thought that I was the problem. So, I often hid myself, refusing to reach out to others while I spent my nights overthinking. As I'm also in the midst of a divorce, I used to constantly think of revenge. And, it was all on top of being jobless with financial struggles, and a son who couldn't attend school during the MCO season. But, it was through my university mate, Shirley that I met Pastor Teresa.

I began attending church where I met people who helped to send my son back to school and Kid’s Church. Everyone cared for me even when they didn't know me, and their help and support brought me and my son joy, hope, and love. It was also because of the single-mum’s group and Kid's Church that our lives were changed!

Lois Testimony Stories

I'm so glad that my life is now full of joy after discovering God and connecting with Him.

In the past two years, a lot of our circumstances went from bad to good, and to better. My son has also encouraged me to attend church during this season, despite being only 8 years old! And through his actions, he showed me and my parents how much he loves church and learning. I am also most proud to say that my son took home a prize from his primary school from his study programme. His teacher even informed me that he had read 177 books over the past year! I'm so glad that my life is now full of joy after discovering God and connecting with Him. From my son's education and a career open door to my divorce application and family health, God has pulled us through every challenging season.

Sometimes, we might think that God may not have heard our hearts because we don't see anything changing. But, God showed Himself to me through His countless miracles. He knows when is the right time to work. Even when I wanted to give up, God was actually listening to my prayers and He had a good and perfect plan for me. I thank God for His amazing love for me and my son, and for leading us back unto His path.

By Lois
Every Nation Church Malaysia

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My Sister Changed Our Lives

Around 10 years ago, my sister was very sickly. She was born weak and had asthma, but at age 25, she was still coughing almost every night. Despite seeing a doctor of Chinese Medicine, she did not improve. Later, it was discovered just how serious her illness was, when her boyfriend took her for a checkup.

Finding Love & Joy In God

I used to conceal my emotions and struggles, and consistently held expectations for affection and support from those close to me. Yet, these expectations frequently led to disappointment.