From Darkness To Light

When I was born, my father had already struck the first prize in the social welfare lottery. Unfortunately, he lived his life carelessly⁠—womanizing and drinking heavily. Whenever he came home drunk, he acted violently.

He was also deeply involved in occult practises. He fed bottled demons which gave him the power to practice fortune telling and palmistry. He put charms on others as instructed by his customers.

After squandering almost all his money, he left us for ten years to live like a beggar on the street. He came back home one day and my mother forgave him and we children accepted him.

In 1981, I married Dennis, a hardworking salesman. I was 21. We were poor, rented a room, and were very thrifty. In 1984, we saved enough for our dinner reception and honeymoon. We were very happy and life was good. Shortly after, he resigned from his job and started a small trading business. And made plenty of money through crooked ways.

Soon he began associating with a group of gamblers and became a compulsive one himself. Our bank account was in the red, loan sharks came to demand money, and the finance company came to repossess his car. But my husband’s gambling did not cease. Every time he left home he would return only in the wee hours of the morning⁠—usually after losing everything but the last dollar to pay the toll.

Once, my father gave Dennis a talisman with a demon from Thailand within it. I pinned it behind his pocket, and that day, he had a winning streak. But Dennis refused to go home and was overcome by greed. Finally, he lost everything including his capital. As I removed the talisman at home, I realised the Genting demons were stronger. It made me aware of the demonic powers in this world that hold people bondage to gambling.

My marriage was on the verge of breaking up when the Lord showed His mercy. I dreamt of war and I was running home to hide. When I reached the ground floor of my apartment, I heard people singing. I wondered why at this time of unrest, were people singing?

I saw that it was a church without a roof with hundreds of people raising their hands to God. I saw my whole family there too. I felt a tremendous peace within me and I woke up.

My marriage was on the verge of breaking up when the Lord showed His mercy.

Shortly after, December 13, 1985, I gave my life to Jesus. The Lord changed me, healed my broken heart and gave me peace, love and joy. I found that even in the midst of a storm, I could still sing praises to God every morning. My colleagues were amazed at the changes they saw in me. They wondered how I could be so joyful every day.

I began to fast and pray asking God to save my marriage and save Dennis from the bondage of gambling. Dennis also noticed I was different. On 13 January 1986, after following me to church a few times, he too gave his life to Jesus. Within a month, he quit smoking. One day, he took a puff and complained it tasted disgusting.

The temptation to gamble reduced. One day, 6 months after accepting the Lord, he asked me to pray for him to stop gambling. I prayed with him, as a young Christian not knowing much about prayer. That night, he saw a bright light in our room and he cried like never before. God answered my prayer and my husband was freed from the spirit of gambling. That was the turning point in his life. He grew to become a God fearing man, a homely responsible husband and together we serve God faithfully.

Seeing the transformation in Dennis, my brother accepted Jesus, and he too stopped gambling. My sister who was facing a relationship problem was emotionally disturbed. One day, she followed me to church and when she saw the joy on the faces of the Christians there, she invited Jesus into her life because she wanted to have that same joy in her heart. My parents saw the amazing works of God in our lives and they accepted Jesus to be their God too.

The dream I had of my whole family standing in church became a reality. But it didn’t end there.

God answered my prayer and my husband was freed from the spirit of gambling.

After 16 years of bareness—getting my period only twice a year—my husband cried out to God that he had received every blessing except a child. I told God I must have a child before 40. God heard our prayer and a few weeks later, at a prayer meeting, it was prophesized that I will conceive a baby girl. Then, I had a dream of a little girl in our house. The following year on 29th October 1996, I conceived and delivered at 38.

However, during the pregnancy, I was diagnosed with a growth in my left ovary. In addition, my lower back—which I had injured a few years ago—was said to not have the strength to carry the growing foetus.

Initially, I was a bit concerned but I told myself to trust God. One day, I responded to an altar call for healing in my church, and the Lord did a spiritual surgery and removed the growth and healed my lower backache instantly.

The Bible says, Jesus is the great physician. The rest of the pregnancy was very blessed and joyful. In addition, the Lord gave us a bonus of another girl at 40 years old.

Today, I can testify of God's unconditional love because I have tasted His goodness, His transforming power in the lives of my loved ones, and doing the impossible to create a baby for me.

By Peggy Chan
Every Nation Church Malaysia

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