Finding Love & Joy In God

I used to conceal my emotions and struggles, and consistently held expectations for affection and support from those close to me. Yet, these expectations frequently led to disappointment. Despite identifying as a Christian for many years, I often felt envious of other believers who shared an intimate connection with God—a bond I desired to experience myself.

Shwu Chyi

I have come to understand the significance
of surrendering myself to God.

During Victory Weekend, I was led to confront the wounds of my childhood. And through prayer, I found relief and learned to forgive. This process drew me nearer to God and deepened our relationship. I have come to understand the significance of surrendering myself to God. As a result, I have been consistently aware of His presence, and I've acquired the wisdom to extend love and care to others without the anticipation of receiving the same in return. Consequently, my life is now filled with love and joy!

Tan Shwu Chyi
Every Nation Church Malaysia

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