How God Saved My Boy

May 24th, 2016 started out as another fun day at my kids’ favourite place—the club swimming pool. I asked my maid to watch over my children while I busied myself attending to my guests and their kids. While I was taking a breather, my brother came to inform us that a kid had drowned. I got up quickly, and as I saw the crowd, my heart sank—I recognized Jordan’s swimming suit. My mind screamed in disbelief—not my Jordan. Though he was unconscious, I wasn’t allowed to go near him. By that time, someone had already performed the first round of CPR on him—am I going to lose my 5 year old son? In seconds, what was supposed to be a normal and calm day became a terrifying life storm and I had begun to question myself—thoughts of guilt and fear swept over me. ‘How am I going to survive this storm?’ I thought to myself. Immediately, I sent a desperate SOS to God asking Him for a miracle. I broke into tears whilst breaking the news to my husband, Ben.

Amidst all this, I was told not to wait for the ambulance any longer as my unconscious Jordan needed Oxygen ASAP. I carried Jordan into the back seat of my car while my brother sped to Tropicana Hospital through the horrendous evening traffic jam. My brother and I kept praying and talking to Jordan. After giving him the oxygen, Tropicana Hospital told us that they don’t usually handle cases of drowning. As such, Jordan was then sent to HUKM, 2 hours later after we frantically searched for the nearest hospital that could help. Ben and his friends came to pray for us. Some called, many others were praying with us for Jordan.

At the hospital, in the midst of uncertainty, I felt that Jordan made some noises and had a bit of movement in his legs. By faith, I even believed hearing him call me ‘mama’. The storms within me continued as I felt so helpless. I kept blaming myself, as I wasn’t sure if I could ever forgive myself if Jordan died, became brain damaged, or paralysed. The doctor decided to sedate him for 24 hours to limit any potential brain damage. We weren't even allowed to accompany Jordan overnight while he was in the ICU.

I kept blaming myself, as I wasn’t sure if I could ever forgive myself if Jordan died…

I couldn't sleep that night as scenes from the swimming pool kept replaying in my mind. In prayer, I begged God to calm the raging storm within me and to work a mighty miracle. Ultimately, God Almighty answered all of our prayers swiftly. And at 8am, our friend Doctor Ian, who works in HUKM, called to inform us that Jordan was showing signs of awakening after being unconscious for at least 12 hours. When we went to the hospital, we saw our son awake and talking. No words can describe how grateful and thankful we were to see him alive and well.

To my surprise, when Jordan woke up he even wanted to perform for us, as it was Parents Day at school that day. He remembered everything, which confirmed that he suffered no brain damage, nor any physical disabilities. He was progressing so well that he didn't need any scans and medication at all. Doctor Jesus saved him, and to our surprise, Jordan had no recollection of drowning so he wasn’t traumatised at all. He even asked us if and when he could go for a swim again.

Jordan had no recollection of drowning so he wasn’t traumatised at all.

A few days passed and we found out that Jay, the person who spotted Jordan drowning, was a regular swimmer at the club. He himself had blurry vision, especially in the evening, but he spotted Jordan at the bottom of the pool. And when he saw Jordan, he quickly got him out of the pool and performed CPR which he had learnt a long time ago as a teenager. I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe God handpicked Jay to be Jordan’s saviour. Sometimes, God sends a saviour into your situation. Most times, God sends Jesus himself to be the Saviour and Miracle Worker in your life.

By Carolyn Lee
Every Nation Church Malaysia

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