My Father Saw Jesus & His Life Was Changed

My father's encounter with God started during our trip to Ipoh on March 26th. Prior to this trip, his health condition had deteriorated yet despite our efforts to encourage him to visit a doctor, he refused. When he developed a bad headache during our trip, we made our way back to Puchong and immediately admitted him to a hospital.

My father underwent an operation which kept him in the ICU for 4 days. He then had another emergency operation shortly after the first, when we discovered him unconscious and unresponsive. With the support and love from our spiritual family, many were standing with us in prayer. And Shirley, the person who brought me to church, even visited us in the hospital to pray for my father. I believe that it was truly God's intervention that led to a successful operation and my father's quick recovery. But more than just God's miraculous healing, my father had a personal encounter with Him.

Lois father

God didn't just save my father but our whole family.

After the operation, my father told me that he saw Jesus. Jesus held his hand and told him not to be afraid as God will be with him. Since that encounter, my father is a changed man. He is unlike the moody and unfriendly person that he once was! He was also experiencing little to no pain compared to his first operation. It was after that personal encounter that my father decided to accept Jesus into his life. Then, a day after my father was discharged from the hospital, he removed the altars and praying tables in his house. He even shared about Jesus to my mother. I was truly amazed at what God had done for him and through him!

God didn't just save my father but our whole family. We are now planning to take our next step of faith by being water baptized as a family. I believe that it is never too late for anyone to encounter God. God is always waiting for us to return to Him, so never stop praying for your family and don't stop believing that God will show Himself to them, too.

By Lois, on behalf of her father.
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