My Sister Changed Our Lives

Around 10 years ago, my sister was very sickly. She was born weak and had asthma, but at age 25, she was still coughing almost every night. Despite seeing a doctor of Chinese Medicine, she did not improve. Later, it was discovered just how serious her illness was, when her boyfriend took her for a checkup.

The doctors found that half of her lung had hardened. She had a condition called pneumonia cirrhosis. There was no cure for this. The only option was a lung transplant which did not guarantee full recovery. She was put on lifelong medications, and our family was in and out of hospitals waiting for the lung transplant. We were also asked to look for doctors overseas because at that point, no such procedure had been performed in Malaysia.

At a time, when we were feeling hopeless and clueless, my mom’s friend brought a few Christian friends to our house. They shared the gospel with us and our whole family was saved.

When I was being baptized, I didn’t know what it was I believed in, but for my sister, I went through with it. I kept asking God to cure my sister’s lung and restore her health, while unsure whether He was a true God.

There was no cure for this. The only option was a lung transplant…

After a year of suffering, my sister went to heaven.

I became very resentful of God. I kept asking Him why He didn’t save my sister. My heart was really broken because we were very close. At the same time, I felt that it was a relief for her, too, as she didn’t have to suffer anymore. It had been very disheartening for me to see her in pain.

A few years later, after my husband became a Christian, he told me he was so thankful for my sister. He felt that it was all God’s plan for my sister to lead our family to Christ and through me, my husband was saved, too. My mind suddenly opened and as I looked back, I became really grateful to God for what He had done in my life. Although He took away my sister, through her, my whole family and husband know Jesus. I was so amazed by God’s plan and grace given to me and to my family. My resentment is totally gone, and I now fully trust that my life will be in His good hands always.

By Tan Siew Yean
Every Nation Church Malaysia

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